My Best Life: Nate Berkus Reveals His Favorite Guilty Pleasures

And the enduring icon who still inspires him every day.

My Best Life: Nate Berkus Reveals His Favorite Guilty Pleasures

Nate Berkus is everywhere. When he’s not in front of the camera (he stars in Nate & Jeremiah by Design and is a frequent presence on The Oprah Winfrey Show) or designing interiors for the W Hotels or Billy Joel‘s house in the Hamptons, the Chicago-based interior designer is traveling from Milan to Mexico, looking for inspirations. “I’d say 80 percent of what I use in any design project is vintage, whether it’s furniture or lighting or a mix of antiques with modern upholstery,” says Berkus.

That healthy mix of old-school and new-school applies to his own life—and indulgences—as well. We caught up with the beloved designer, who gamely offers us an inside look at the things that he truly loves, from his favorite hot dog to the designer who still inspires him today. (And for inspiration for living your Best Life, don’t miss Super Designer Brunello Cucinelli‘s Favorite Escapes, Indulgences, and Inspirations.)

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His Favorite Drink

“I love red wine. My dad introduced me to a winery in California called Ferrari-Carano. They have a cabernet that’s absolutely incredible.”

His Guilty Pleasure

“The perfect hot dog is at Crif Dogs, in New York City. I get the classic with onions, ketchup, yellow mustard, and relish.”

His Favorite Luggage

“I’m obsessed with luggage. One of my favorite pieces is a leather Louis Vuitton duffel from the Utah collection. I’ve used it to death. Something about the patina makes it more special.”

His Favorite Gallery

“For fashion photography from the 1960s and ’70s, I go to Staley Wise on Broadway in New York City. It’s an unbelievable gallery for photographers such as Chris von Wangenheim.”

His Favorite Designer

“I’ve always been fascinated by David Hicks and the symmetry he used to arrange his rooms and how he took very historical settings and added modern elements. His house in Oxfordshire is amazing.”

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