USPS Is Suspending Services in These Places

Hazardous conditions have prompted the closure of several post offices.

Northern Lights May Appear Over the U.S. Tonight

This could be your chance to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis without traveling.

USPS Is Suspending Operations in These Places

Weather concerns are impacting postal services for customers in different states.

USPS Just Closed 51 Post Offices

The postal agency has once again been forced into temporary mass closures.

Yosemite National Park Is Closed to Visitors

Winter weather is at the root of the issue, with record snow accumulation in Yosemite Valley.

USPS Is Suspending Services in 6 States

Residents in multiple parts of the U.S. will need to prepare for post office closures.

U.S. Just Recorded Its Coldest-Ever Temperature

The all-time low came during the recent arctic blast that hit much of the Northeast.

Never Use GPS During a Snowstorm

Your desire to bypass closed or backed-up roads could put you in a worse situation.

"Coldest in Decades" Polar Vortex Is Here

Temperatures are set to drop as low as minus 50 degrees in some places.

USPS Is Closing Over 50 Post Offices

Customers across the country are dealing with new Postal Service suspensions.

USPS Is Closing 20 Post Offices

The agency is shuttering all these facilities for the same reason.

8 Tips to Prepare for a Winter Power Outage

Get ahead of a cold-weather blackout by being ready and stocking up.

USPS Suspends Services at 115 Post Offices

The agency is blaming all the current closures on the same issue.

USPS Is Suspending Services in These 5 States

The Postal Service continues to struggle even as the holiday rush ends.

Winter Storm Will Ruin Last-Minute Shopping Plans

Even if stores are open, you might not be able to venture out in severe weather.

Major Airlines Have Now Canceled Over 2,000 Flights

Holiday travel plans are at risk as severe weather snarls travel across the U.S.

USPS Is Warning About New Mail Delays

New and ongoing challenges could create issues for on-time deliveries.

Airlines Are Canceling Hundreds of Flights

Carriers are bracing for major disruptions over the busy holiday travel weekend.

Yosemite Is Restricting Visitor Access

Officials say crews are currently assessing the damages to a major road.

USPS Is Suspending Services in These Areas

The postal agency is halting operations in multiple places for the same reason.