Woman Couldn't Urinate for 14 Months

Elle Adams was at a "breaking point" until she was finally diagnosed with a rare disorder. 

Common Blood Thinner Recalled for "Impurity"

The prescription drug could pose a particularly serious health risk.

Deadly Fungal Infection Is Spreading, CDC Says

Case counts are rising "at an alarming rate," the health authority warns.

Nurse Took Ozempic to Lose 50 Pounds

People are turning to Ozempic to lose weight and an ICU nurse shares her experience taking the drug.

Seven States Have Banned an Energy Pill

Tianeptine is reportedly addictive, causing withdrawal symptoms like those associated with opioids.

Weight Watchers Will Soon Offer Ozempic

The company is acquiring a telehealth platform where doctors can prescribe medication.

These Medications Are Facing Shortages Now

More popular ADHD prescriptions are becoming harder to fill.

Utah Plastic Surgeon and 3 Others Allegedly Sold $97,000 Worth of Fake COVID Vaccination Cards

The group destroyed tens of thousands of dollars of vaccines, officials say.

New Blood Test Can Detect Alzheimer's Disease

The new test can detect a novel marker of the deadly disease.

Blood Pressure Medication Recalled

You'll want to contact your doctor immediately if you take this daily medication.

CVS Puts Purchase Limits on OTC Pain Meds

You'll only be able to buy a certain amount, the drugstores say.

Don't Use These OTC Antacids, FDA Says

The agency is alerting consumers to a concerning new discovery.

Common Pain Relievers Can Make Arthritis Worse

Research shows the OTC options might actually be exacerbating your pain problems.

FDA's New Update on the Adderall Shortage

The agency is giving insight into how long the ADHD medication will be in short supply.

CVS Is Facing a Shortage of This Medication

There have been "isolated supplier" issues impacting certain stores.

Musician Plays Sax During His Brain Surgery

The patient underwent an "awake surgery."

If You Take This Drug, Never Take Aspirin

The latest guidelines on aspirin use highlight a potentially dangerous drug interaction.

Combining These Two Common Meds Can Be Toxic

You should be aware of this potentially dangerous drug interaction.

Walmart and CVS Are Under Fire Over These Medications

Two major lawsuits have just been revived against these retailers.