Woman Charged With Felony Hurling Avocado

It's not the first time Karleen Jame Biswanger has tangled with the law.

Shoplifter Made Over $600K By Scamming Stores

Police found nearly $46,000 cash hidden in shopping bags around her house.

Retired Teacher Loses Life Savings in Scam

She lost $200,000 when she was buying a townhouse.

Stepmother Killed 3-Year-Old Stepson

Leila Borrington, 23, killed Harvey Borrington by slapping him "multiple times," a court ruled.

Alleged Killer Bryan Kohberger's Real Plan

An Emmy award-winning journalist shares her theory that three out of the four University of Idaho students were "collateral damage."

Students Created Deepfake Video of Principal

The videos were fake, but parents assailed the school district for downplaying what they say is a real threat.

Shocking New Revelations After Mysterious Body of Teen Who Was Found Dead Near Murdaugh Home Set to Be Exhumed

Stephen Smith's mom started a GoFundMe in order to perform a new autopsy on her son, Stephen

Spring Breaker Accused of Violently Beating One-Armed Def Leppard Drummer and Dragging His Wife by the Hair

Rick Allen was attacked by an Ohio 19-year-old while leaving his Florida hotel.

Florida Man Charged with Stealing Seafood

David Subil has a long history of convictions involving fraud and other crimes.

Bryan Kohberger's Startling Past: 17 Surprising Revelations Exposed

People who knew Bryan Kohberger reveal shocking new details about his life before being arrested and accused of the murder of four University of Idaho students.

"Worst Boyfriend" Scammer Conned Women: Reports

A 70-year-old New York City man has been accused of scamming.

Grandmother Beaten and Killed

A 71-year-old British woman died while on vacation in North Wales; a Welsh man is on trial in her killing.

Woman Sets House on Fire After Roommate Fight

A 12-year-old disabled child was asleep in the house.

Inside Idaho Murder Suspect's Jail Life

Former and current inmates detail how Bryan Kohberger spends his days in jail. 

Father Accused of Using Moose Antler to Kill

A Minnesota man is charged with second-degree intentional murder in the death of a 77-year-old man.

Caught on Tape: Foodtown Employee Beaten

Many shoplifters are serial offenders, police say.

Tenant Dies Trying to Save Her Dogs

Rent dispute ends in tragedy.

Robberies Steal Over $300M in Jewels

Robbers dressed as English country gentlemen.

Burglar Left His Birth Certificate at Scene

He also left his prison ID cards.