5 Things You'll Never See at Movie Theaters Again After Coronavirus

Our "new normal" will certainly affect the movie-going experience. Here's what you won't see anymore.

As the world impatiently awaits a safe and responsible return to a post-pandemic lifestyle, we have scads of time to think about what the "new normal" will look like. Take, for example, the tradition of going to the movies and all that it entails. As medical and public health experts learn about the COVID-19 contagion and how it spreads, we should expect a very different movie-going experience after the coronavirus. In fact, some cinematic rituals will likely disappear entirely once the cinema doors reopen. Read on for a look at how different the cineplex will be post-coronavirus.

Paper tickets

closeup of hand taking movie theater tickets

Is it likely to get the coronavirus from a movie ticket? No, but the COVID-19 contagion can live on paper for up to 24 hours. So in today's day and age, especially when most people have smartphones and many are purchasing tickets online, traditional paper tickets are likely to become a thing of a past. And for more on events you're missing out on right now, Here's What to Do About Refunds for All Your Canceled Event Tickets.

Recycled 3-D glasses

man and woman sit in red movie theater seats in 3D glasses

There was a time when 3-D glasses were made of paper and disposable. Nowadays, movie theaters underwrite the cost for recyclable plastic glasses that moviegoers are expected to throw into a bin for later use. That's a practice that likely won't last, considering the number of faces those glasses could touch.

Self-serve butter

bag of popcorn spilled on table

That slow viscous stream of yellow butter-tasting fluid is something some people love and others despite. But in the wake of coronavirus, with all the hands potentially pressing down on that pump, we can't imagine self-serve butter will survive once movie theaters reopen.

Self-serve soda fountains.

closeup of soda cup at fountain machine

It's always kind of fun to serve yourself your own soda and be in charge of your own ice-to-soda ratio, right? But since it's almost impossible to keep this self-service station clean and void of germs, the days of pouring your own pop are probably numbered.

Cramped seating

women in front row of crowded movie theater

While you may miss those aforementioned cineplex staples, there is an upside to all this: Moviegoers should be able to enjoy a roomier experience post-pandemic with potential alternating seating.

On the downside, however, if theaters are going to practice safe social distancing, then there will be far fewer tickets to sell per show. This could mean more sold-out showings and higher ticket prices, but at least you will be safe! And for more facts you should know about COVID-19, check out 25 Coronavirus Facts You Should Know by Now.

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