This Is the Single Most Popular Disney Ride, New Survey Says

From Splash Mountain to the Haunted Mansion, this is everyone's favorite at Walt Disney World.

Whether you're a Disney movie buff, a lover of theme parks, or just someone who enjoys the occasional escape from reality, there's a good chance you've created memories at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. And if you haven't yet visited the fun-filled recreation destination, you've surely heard of the resort's four famed theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. In 2019, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom received about 20.9 million visitors, according to Statista, so it's clear a staggering number of people have stepped foot in the world's most visited theme park. But what are Disney World's most popular rides?

As the theme park is set for a phased reopening after a tumultuous 2020, a survey conducted by Upgraded Points in March 2021 has determined which Walt Disney World rides are the most popular. The survey, which received more than 5,300 responses from mixed genders and adults over 18, exhibits the "critical importance of customer and visitor loyalty to these businesses," Alex Miller, the founder of Upgraded Points, said in a statement.

"Our data clearly show that when people develop a liking or loyalty to some aspect of their theme park experience, that becomes a strong trigger to send them back again and again," Miller added. "Kids who come to love a certain theme park ride will, in time, return with their children and experience it again through the joy and delight of their own children." Read on to find out the most popular Disney rides, and for more Disney magic, check out our Ranking of Every Disney Animated Movie, From Worst Reviewed to Best.

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

buzz light year disney ride
Daniel Leithinger / Flickr

People who said it was their favorite: 3.6 percent

Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress

disney carousel of progress, disney world ride
Jeremy Thompson / Flickr

People who said it was their favorite: 3.8 percent

Avatar Flight of Passage

avatar flight of passage exterior, disney ride
Eden, Janine and Jim / Flickr

People who said it was their favorite: 3.8 percent

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Dumbo the Flying Elephant

dumbo the flying elephant ride, disney, florida
Paulo O / Flickr

People who said it was their favorite: 4 percent

It's a Small World

it's a small world, disney ride
Brian Marshall / Flickr

People who said it was their favorite: 4.9 percent

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Splash Mountain

splash mountain ride, disney, florida
JON_CF / Flicker

People who said it was their favorite: 5 percent

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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

big thunder mountain railroad, disney magic kingdom ride
Steven Miller / Flickr

People who said it was their favorite: 5.3 percent

Pirates of the Caribbean

pirates of the caribbean disney ride
Theme Park Tourist / Flickr

People who said it was their favorite: 5.5 percent

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Haunted Mansion

disney haunted mansion behind fence, trees
HarshLight / Flickr

People who said it was their favorite: 10.4 percent

Space Mountain

space mountain ride
Kari / Flickr

People who said it was their favorite: 11.2 percent

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