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This Is the Most In-Demand Job in the U.S. Right Now, Data Shows

These are the jobs people are looking for most in 2021, study finds.

Finding a job can be a difficult and daunting task. Even with the relevant education, skills, and experience, so much of successfully landing a new gig can come down to being in the right place at the right time. But even though that is the case, you can improve your chances by knowing the current state of the job market—from who is hiring to how much competition is out there for your desired position. To help give you a better understanding of that, Best Life consulted a recent study to find the most in-demand jobs in the country.

Career resource and solutions site Lensa created the Lensa Index to give jobseekers a better idea of job demand across the United States. Using its own internal data, Lensa determined the 50 most posted jobs in the U.S. and ranked them based on which postings were clicked on the most in the first half of 2021. Read on to discover the most in-demand jobs in the country.

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Project manager

Project manager and team

According to job resource site Glassdoor: "Project managers are responsible for planning and overseeing projects to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion and within budget." Professionals with this title also "plan and designate project resources, prepare budgets, monitor progress, and keep stakeholders informed the entire way," the site says.

In addition to being the tenth most in-demand job in the U.S. right now, project manager has the highest average salary of any job on this list at $74,041, according to job resource site Indeed.

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While driver is a somewhat vague term since this could mean anything from a taxi driver to a delivery driver to a personal chauffeur, the average hourly pay for jobs with the title of driver is $15.78, according to Indeed. And Glassdoor says the average salary for a driver in the U.S. is $40,392.

Data entry clerk

Close-up of woman typing on computer keyboard at workplace. Businesswoman using desktop computer in office.

If you have meticulous attention to detail and are fast with your fingers when it comes to your typing skills, data entry can be an ideal job fit for you. While many of these jobs pay by the hour, Glassdoor says the average salary for a data entry clerk in the U.S. is around $32,419.

Warehouse worker

happy warehouse worker smiling while doing inventory

A general warehouse worker is an entry level position that typically pays by the hour. The average hourly rate in the U.S. right now is $13.06, according to Indeed.

Registered nurse


Being a nurse is one of the most noble professions one can have. It also can be incredibly stressful and physically taxing. Not everyone is cut out for it, but for those that are, it seems nurses are needed more than ever right now. The pay ranges pretty significantly depending on the state. The highest average RN salary is in California ($113,240) and the lowest is in South Dakota ($59,540), according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, compiled by

Warehouse associate

Tigard, Oregon - Oct 25, 2019 : Costco wholesale warehouse shopping aisle with food testing

The responsibilities of a warehouse associate may include things like processing, packaging, and shipping orders; maintaining inventory; and cleaning and organizing warehouse space. Depending on experience, location, and company, you can expect to make between $28,800 and $38,500.

Customer service

unhappy woman talking to receptionist

Customer service positions can mean everything from answering phones to face-to-face interactions with clients and customers. According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for customer service positions is $36,025.

Administrative assistant

elderly worker and young assistant

A good administrative assistant has impeccable written and verbal communication skills, as well as excellent organizational, time management, and problem-solving abilities. The job pays, on average, between $37,890 and $47,471, according to

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 hotel receptionist standing behind counter talking to unrecognizable male guest smiling

If you have a way with people, you may be looking for a receptionist position, which is the second most in-demand job in the country. As of Sept. 27, the average salary in the U.S. for employees with the title receptionist is $37,850.

Customer service representative

Customer service representatives

Customer service representative is the most in-demand job in the U.S. right now, according to the Lensa Index. The compensation ranges depending on the position and location, but generally speaking, you can expect the job to pay between $36,199 and $46,750, according to the latest estimates from

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