The 15 Most Annoying Things He Does in Bed (And What to Do About Them)

We can all agree: those socks need to come off.

Your sexual satisfaction. Chances are it's something your partner cares about deeply, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have some really annoying habits, as well. Maybe he's stuck doing old tricks (over and over), reticent to relinquish things that have worked in the past. Maybe he's working with too little information or simply not factoring in your unique wants and needs. Whatever the case, here are the 15 most annoying things that men commonly do in bed, each with a corrective tip that will leave his ego unscathed… or scathed just the right amount. And for more ways to spice up your sex life, don't miss the 60 Sex Positions Every Couple Needs to Try.

He's totally aimless.

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Countless men are loathe to ask for directions in bed and often that bull-headedness leads to getting hopelessly lost. "I like asking, 'Would you like me to tell you a little bit about my body?'" says relationships coach Effy Blue. "I have never had anyone say no to that question. I then explain where I like being touched and how. Sometimes I'll demonstrate it on their body by touching them in places where I like to be touched in the same way. This starts the conversation. Once I share, I often end with, 'What about you?'" She adds that practicing your words ahead of time is a good way to minimize awkwardness. Now, for you fellas: here are 10 Major Red Flags She's Not Satisfied in Bed.

He hasn't renewed his underwear collection in while.

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A lot of men have a propensity for keeping underwear until they're practically falling off. Devil may care? Sure. Sexy? Hardly. If you don't think you'll be able to buy him underwear that he'll like—or that does it for you—think about creating a Pinterest board of sexy, dudely drawers that you can review together. He'll get the hint. And if you're more straightforward, refer him to one of The 50 Best New Pairs of Underwear for Men.

He's overly concerned about your orgasm.

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Psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Lori Buckley suggests telling a goal-fixated partner that you enjoy the feeling of intense arousal that happens before orgasm, and that you like to delay orgasm as long as possible. From there, it'll be easy to pivot to something closer to the truth: That you have more orgasms when you're in the moment and trying to have an orgasm. And while you appreciate his efforts, it's difficult for you when he is working so hard.

He keeps his socks on during sex.

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While no one would suggest that being completely naked is the only way that people should engage in sex, a pair of socks and nothing else is not generally considered sexy. If he likes the feeling of being partially clothed while getting it on, suggest another, more appealing item of clothing. If he's concerned about getting literal cold feet, it may be time to invest in an electric blanket and spend a little time warming up before the act.

He's relying on a signature move. (And possibly mentioned his ex.)

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Humans—like other animals—are pattern seeking. We perform an action, that action has an effect, and a connection is formed in our minds. The reliability of this connection falters when certain variables are introduced. Things like a completely different sex partner. As you know, insisting that their ex used to respond favorably to whatever maneuver they're bothering you with isn't going to make the slightest bit of difference to how you feel.

"One way to approach this can be to figure out if there is anything you like about his signature move and if there's any way it can be improved/customized for you," says Blue, and offers an example. "I like that you pull my hair as I am about to cum, it would feel even better if you didn't pull so hard." Speaking of new moves, here are 6 Game-Changing Upgrades to Your Favorite Sex Positions.

He asks for verbal assurance.

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Here's a tricky one: You want to help him to help you, but constant verbal assurance that he's on the right track takes you out of the moment. Intimate communication maven Effy Blue's advice? If you don't want too much talk during sex, you need to talk even more before sex. "Make sure you have all your bases covered and that all the parties understand boundaries and desires of everyone involved," she says. "Also make sure you feel empowered to stop things if you don't like the way they are going."

But doesn't follow nonverbal cues.

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Ooohs, ahhhhs, oh my gods… Yes, yes!, yeses… Even stunned silences happen when what he's doing is doing it for you. The thing is, he might not know what each of these utterances—or non utterances—mean.

So help him to help you by talking about what kind of sounds you make when you are having a good time. "For some people, it is obvious and for others not," says Blue. "Some people go absolutely silent when they are aroused which can be confusing. Make sure you address all that before."

If your man really wants to ensure you're having a good time, that's a good thing. But if his questions take you out of your head, establish some other way to tell him whether he's getting warmer. Blue suggests squeezing a hand. Dr. Buckley suggests using your words if he's unable to intuit nonverbal cues as communicating what you like and don't like, what's ok and what is not ok, is extremely important. "Use positive language and try to always say something you like as well," she says. "Instead of saying "I don't like when you _____", tell him what you will like "I would love (or it would feel really good) if you ________".

He lets you do all the work when you're on top.

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Girl-on-top allows women to take complete control over the pace, angle, depth, and level of stimulation. A complaint that some women raise, however, is that the man uses this position as an excuse to take five. If that leaves you cold, take his hands and place them on your breasts, your ass, tell him to pull your hair, choke you, or whatever it is that you like. You can also try staying still and incite him to thrust up into you while you concentrate on finding an angle that works for you.

He's always burrowing.

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Many women I spoke with mentioned that many men, when having sex in the missionary position, tend to bury their head in the pillow and pump away, foregoing eye contact. "Communication is always key!" says Dr. Rachel Needle of the Center for Marital and Sexual Health of South Florida, "Tell him, "I want to look in your eyes." You can also redirect his head to face yours and show him you want to gaze into his."

He heads straight for your clitoris with his fingers.

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Data from the OMG Yes Sexual Pleasure Report: Women and Touch demonstrate—for the first time ever, in a nationally representative sample of American women—just how important the clitoris is to female orgasm. Nearly three-quarters of women said that clitoral stimulation during intercourse was either necessary for their orgasm or made their orgasms better.

But while clitoral stimulation is important to many women, timing matters and too much clitoral stimulation can be more intense than you'd like. "During sex, you could try busying his hands elsewhere—bringing his hands to your breasts or butt if they start to wander down below before you're ready," says Debby Herbenick, PhD, professor at Indiana University School of Public Health and author of Because It Feels Good. "When you're into it, guide his hands back to your clitoris. You can also try talking outside of bed—letting him know how much you like (or need) clitoral stimulation, and more specifically when you want it."

Dr. Buckley offers a more tactile solution: "Tease him by not going directly to the head his penis. Kiss his whole body while getting very close, with some light touches and licks to his nipples, penis and balls until he's out of his mind with desire. Then tell him how much you enjoy the same!"

He recreates what he's seen in porn.

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"Watching porn to learn how to have sex is like watching a Fast and the Furious movie to learn how to drive," says sex coach Kenneth Play. Yet, many men are eager to implement acts they've seen in porn and some of that can be good, provided that both partners are into it and it feels authentic to your relationship. When it's more a case of monkey see, monkey do, it can make your feel farther from your partner instead of closer.

"It can feel awkward (and even scary) when a partner springs sex acts on you that you're not into, aren't ready for, that hurts, or that feels aggressive," says Herbenick. "It's totally fine to say, 'let's try something else,' 'I'm not into that,' or 'that hurts,' for unwanted pussy slapping." Herbenick adds that it's also fine to stop the action altogether if you're really not into it and want to make sure he gets the message. "Too many women muddle through sex they're not into," she says. "Since you both presumably are into having good—even amazing—sex with one another, it's only fair to tell him when he's off-base.

He tries to initiate anal with not enough prep or lube.

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In their book, Sex: How to Do Everything, Em and Lo, of, outline how there is a right way to engage in anal play and a definite wrong way. They remind readers that unlike the vagina, the rectum and anus are not self lubricating, adding that there is also a fairly sharp curve to the rectum you won't find in the vagina. "For these reasons, lube is a must," they say. "So is a slow pace with lots of communication because painful anal will mean zero anal in his future." Em and Lo's absolute favorite advice is to have him bend over and receive some anal attention from you, whether with a finger or made-for-butt-play toy with, of course, lots of lube, so he can feel for himself how pleasurable doing it the right way can be.

He's overly commanding.

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Fifty Shades of Grey may have played a role in people playing with what's called power exchange in bedrooms across the world. But even if you do like playing with being a submissive partner, it's quite separate from not having a say in the kinds of sex you want to experience at any given time. "Start a conversation about sex when you're not having sex, over dinner at a restaurant to create a bit of naughtiness to the experience," recommends Lori Buckley. "Ask him about his sexual fantasies and turn-ons. What things would he like to try and do with you? Then tell him yours." The idea here is to create equal time for the sexual dynamics that work for each of you.

He tries to make sex last forever.

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No man wants to be described as not being able to have intercourse long enough for his partner to achieve orgasm. There's so much stigma around premature ejaculation that some men are hell-bent on having sex for as long as possible, so long in fact that their partners end up getting bored and/or chafed. "Honesty—gentle honesty—is always the best policy," say Em and Lo. "You can be upfront about your wants and desires [including the duration of sex that works best for you] without bruising any delicate egos." After all, the more women speak up, the more common ground they can find with their partners, which ultimately means the more mutual satisfaction they'll get with each other!

He doesn't engage in aftercare.

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As mentioned above, more and more people are engaging in BDSM practices. Exploring new aspects of your sexuality is awesome, but those who are new to kink may not know how important aftercare is. Aftercare, in this context, means the process of attending to one another after intense feelings of a physical or psychological nature relating to BDSM activities. BDSM experiences can be exhausting, draining participants of mental, emotional or physical energy. However kinky your sex becomes, make sure that your partner knows that being affectionate and reconnecting is an integral part of the experiences you share. Now for more great advice on spicing up your sex life, here are The 5 Best Ways to Have Your Best Sex Tonight.

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