Check Out the Mind-Boggling Optical Illusions Driving Everyone Crazy

How is this not real?!

Fact: We all love optical illusions. (Remember "The Dress" and this woman's viral mirror selfie?). But one Japanese artist's 3-D drawings are really wowing the Internet with their ability to fool the human mind.

Take a look at this one. Tell me that isn't a real bottle.

Don't believe it's a drawing?

Take a look at the process.

It's like magic.


The artist is a Japanese student named Miyakawa who has been drawing insane 3-D art for years.

Take a look at this delicious cheesecake. It must be real, right?

Wait for it.

Here it comes.


He's also done Rubik's Cubes.

Crushed soda cans.

And Legos (among other objects).

Miyakawa told BuzzFeed that he typically spends 2 to 3 hours a day over the course of four or five days working on a single piece.

The hardest one to get right was the bottle. "The coloring is very complex and detailed," he said. "I kept thinking to myself, 'What a trouble to draw this!' Though it's me who chose to draw it!"

The artist is currently focusing on his studies at college, but it's clear that he's got a bright future ahead of him in art.

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