Mike Pence Won't Say if He'd Go to Disney Amidst Coronavirus Fears

During a press conference, Vice President Pence demurred on whether he thought a trip to Disney was safe.

Vice President Mike Pence raised some eyebrows about the coronavirus pandemic when he gave a non-answer about whether or not he would travel to Disney World amidst fears. Pence led a Monday afternoon press conference about the looming health risk at the White House briefing room and was asked to offer insights on how safe it is for families to visit large resorts and/or theme parks such as Disney.

Washington Post White House reporter Ashley Parker opened her question by noting, "Families across the country are worried about spring break and wondering if they should book travel or cancel their travel."

She followed up by asking Pence, "What is the expert opinion from the task force on spring break travel and domestic travel? And would you, yourself, feel comfortable bringing your family right now, including your three grandchildren and their partners, on a week-long trip to Disney World?"

"Well, I can say there's been no recommendations about limitations to travel within the country," Pence answered broadly.

Pence was named by President Donald Trump to oversee the federal government's response to coronavirus last week and has since taken a more visible role in an effort to calm frayed nerves. But his response to this particular question seemed to raise more questions than provide a solid answer.

"I travel across this country all the time, and my kids live all over the country," Pence said. "Look, this is a time to use common sense. A good time to wash your hands," Pence said, adding, "As we said, the risk is low." The lack of clear specificity got the attention of the Disney insider website Inside the Magic.

Pence, however, then introduced Robert R. Redfield, MD, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and administrator of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, to speak more on travel.

Redfield said:

"We want people to go about and live their normal lives in this nation right now… Even before the coronavirus, if you'd've asked the CDC what you should do about preparedness, we would tell you that every individual should think ahead and prepare whether it's a hurricane or… those recommendations haven't changed and I really want people to reflect that. There are no travel restrictions in the United States… and I want to re-echo what everyone said: the risk to the American public at this point is low."

Coincidentally there are reports out now that suggest that Pence may have been exposed to coronavirus during a trip to Sarasota, Florida, last week. A mother and son from Sarasota Military Academy are currently under quarantine for fear that they may have contracted the virus, and during a political appearance last Friday, Pence came into contact with several cadets.

"On Friday, SMA senior cadets shook hands and posed for photos with Vice President Mike Pence, who was visiting Sarasota for a fundraiser at U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan's house," reported the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Watch the video above via Global News for more.

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