This 77-Year-Old Astrophysicist's Reaction to Winning the Nobel Prize Will Make Your Day

Astrophysicists—they're just like us!

On Tuesday, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced the 2019 winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics. Half of the coveted award went to Canadian-American physicist James Peebles, 84, for "theoretical discoveries in physical cosmology." The other half was jointly awarded to Swiss astronomer Didier Queloz, 53, and Swiss astrophysicist Michel Mayor, 77, for "the discovery of an exoplanet orbiting a solar-type star." If you have no idea what any of that actually means, you're in the majority. But whether you understand astronomy or physics or neither, we can all agree that this photo of Mayor, which was shared by the official Nobel Prize's Instagram account, is truly relatable.

According to the caption, Mayor, who is professor emeritus at the University of Geneva's Department of Astronomy, was on a lecture tour in Spain when he got the news. And the look on his face as he lets the realization sink in is incredibly heartwarming.

The Nobel Prize Instagram account also shared a photo of Queloz, who was—fittingly enough—at a scientific meeting when he got the news. His admission that he was "still shaking a lot" as he took it all in is also truly touching.

But there's something about Mayor's almost childlike response that's especially moving. It's sweet to see that winning an award as remarkable as the Nobel Prize can make such an esteemed 77-year-old professor adopt the humility and awe of a little kid. Astrophysicists—they really are just like us!

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