This Major U.S. City Is Pausing Reopening Due to Huge Coronavirus Surge

This popular city will hold off on advancing to the next planned phase until new COVID-19 cases slow down.

After months of life under lockdown across the country, citizens and officials are eager to try to get back to life as we knew it pre-pandemic. And while some areas have seen their COVID-19 case numbers stay within a manageable range, others are witnessing deeply worrying surges in the number of infected patients. One state that's been on watch? Florida. Which is why this week, Miami officials announced that they were pausing the city's reopening in an effort to abate the spread of COVID-19 once again, ABC News reports.

Florida has been one of the states that's seen an increase in reported cases over the past 14 days. According to Reuters, there's been a nearly 50 percent rise in cases since last week, bringing the state's total to over 75,000. Florida also broke its record for new single-day cases two days in a row recently, first on June 11 and then on June 12.

Two teenager girls in face masks walking outdoors in Miami Beach with young boy amid coronavirus pandemic

Between June 14 and June 15, Miami-Dade County's confirmed coronavirus cases increased by about 550 to nearly 22,750 cases. The county now has 850 deaths, the highest total in the state of Florida. Despite the drastic spike in cases, there are no plans for Miami to return to strict lockdowns or stay-at-home orders. The city will hold in place at phase two of reopening while other counties and areas move on to phase three.

Some officials across the state have tried to attribute the spike in reported cases to an overall jump in the number of COVID-19 tests being administered. But Florida's case numbers also match up with a sharp rise in hospitalizations, according to ABC News, which refutes the idea that overall cases aren't rising.

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Officials did note that there had been a notable increase in infections among younger people specifically—those between the ages of 18 and 35. "If we continue on this trajectory, we are going to be put in the position where we have to make tough choices," Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami, said at a news conference. And for more on places where COVID-19 is on the rise, check out This City Is Experiencing an "Extremely Severe" Second Wave of Coronavirus.

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