Here's Why "Mermaiding" Is the Hottest New Fitness Trend

Want abs like Ariel? Read on.

Here's Why "Mermaiding" Is the Hottest New Fitness Trend

Just when you thought the Internet's obsession with mermaids was over, in comes "mermaiding." A new workout series on YouTube is quickly gaining in popularity by providing an 8-week "transformation course" that involves swimming in a pool with mermaid tails provided by Fin Fun Mermaid.

The way that it differs from just swimming, which is of course a great full-body workout on itself, is that the body roll necessary to swim like a mermaid really focuses on your core.

"Like swimming, mermaiding is a full-body workout, but it especially focuses on the core muscles," USA Swimming–certified coach Christine Dustin, who helped create the workout, told Self. "Water provides a resistance you don't get on land, while also giving a low-impact environment that leads to few injuries. The workout strengthens your heart, increases your lung capacity, and improves your flexibility."

Unlike other workouts, it's also applicable to all ages.

"Mermaiding is a lifetime sport," Dustin said. "[It] can be enjoyed when you are 9 or when you are in your 90s."

Not to mention, it's fun! What little girl didn't dream of living under the sea like Ariel growing up?

Each week, Fin Fun will release three days of workouts that are approximately 20 minutes each. All you need to do is get a tail and hit the pool and you're set to go!

And if you want to get in on another fun fitness trend, why not try "Plogging," the New Swedish Exercise Craze?

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