Meet the Fittest Woman on the Planet

"Lift like it was your last."

weightlifting champion Tia-Clair Toomey

If you've seen the woman breaking rock-climbing records all over the world, you know women are reaching new heights in the world of fitness.

One of those women is Tia-Clair Toomey, 24, who has just added yet another gold medal to her long list of accomplishments as a a weightlifter.

The Australian champion previously came in 14th at the women's 58 kg event at the 2016 Summer Olympics. An established CrossFit Games competitor, she was crowned the winner of the 2017 Crossfit Games, officially earning the title of the "Fittest Woman on Earth."

Over the weekend, Toomey lifted 114kg (251 pounds) in the clean-and-jerk at the Commonwealth Games, grabbing a gold medal in the 58kg division.

💚And it's over just like that. 💛 I didn't get much sleep as I have just been thinking about what an incredible battle I had with the other ladies on the platform. 🏋️‍♂️ – I would have to say, out of all the amazing Weightlifting experiences I have ever been through last night was by far my highlight, not because of the gold medal but because of so much more! 💪🏼 – The performance from ALL the athletes in the 58kg category, the crowd roaring every time I entered the room, my family and friends being there to support me (including Jadey in Spirit) and having the best coaching team in my corner, Shane (Husband & Coach), Miles & Greg (Competition coaches). 🇦🇺 – To me that is what competition is all about, getting to showcase all the hard work we have put in over the years. Congratulations & THANK-YOU so much ladies, we are all CHAMPIONS in my eyes as that was an incredible performance from each and everyone of us. It was a true honour to have been apart of it. 🙌🏼 – #thank-you #honoured #champions #athletes #memories #compeition #greenandgold #australia #commonwealthgames #goldcoast #2018 #weightlifting #thebattleoftheyear #TeamAUS #determination #dreams #believeinyourself #enjoythejourney #wintheday

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Her achievement is particularly inspirational given the recent loss of a beloved family member. On March 27, her cousin, Jade Dixson, died after a car that she was a passenger in crashed into a tree.

💕 FAMILY 💕 You will be in our hearts forever.

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Knowing that his wife was still grappling with the tragedy, her husband, Shane Orr, asked if she wanted to withdraw from the competition. But Toomey would have none of it.

"The night before we spoke, we reflected on the loss in her family," Orr told The Australian. "We were just reflecting on that — I am not sure how it came up — she was saying if there was a positive side to it, it really puts things in perspective that you can't take any moment for granted, such as with sporting moments like this when you only have a small window to show your stuff….The phrase she used, which caught my attention, was lift like it was your last. That was how she was going to approach the competition. Not taking anything for granted."

And that's precisely what she did, lifting twice her body weight in order to take home the gold.

Toomey dedicated the medal to her late cousin, telling reporters, "I just really hope that she's proud of me." And if you're in the market for some great fitness advice, yourself, don't miss the 40 Best Ways to Get a Great Beach Body After 40. 

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