If You Have These Common Disorders, You Need to Check Your Medication Now

Two types of medication have been recalled due to a packaging mix-up.

Before you pop your next pill, you may want to take a closer look. Consumers who take one of two common medications have received an urgent safety warning this week after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported that one company had a major mix-up. As a result, they've issued a nationwide recall on tablets of sildenafil (a common erectile dysfunction medication) and trazodone (a common anti-depressant) due to a packaging error. Read on to see if your medication is affected, and for another hazard to look out for, check out If You're Using This OTC Medication Daily, See a Doctor.

The drugs in question were manufactured by the company AvKARE and marketed under the same brand name. The recall was issued on Dec. 9, "due to a product mix-up of the listed two separate products inadvertently packaged together during bottling at a 3rd party facility."

While the manufacturer has not yet received any adverse reports, both drugs come with potentially "serious health risks" if taken by consumers with underlying medical issues, the FDA notes. Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, can interact with nitrates found in other drugs, resulting in a patient's blood pressure being dangerously lowered. Nitrates are commonly found in treatments for diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Meanwhile, taking trazodone can lead to sedation, dizziness, and blurred vision, with all side effects being of greater severity among elderly patients.

The faulty sildenafil are oval-shaped 100 mg tablets in 100 count bottles, with lot number of 36884, NDC number 42291-748-01, and an expiration date of 03/2022. The faulty trazodone bottles are also of 100 mg tablets, but circular shaped, in 1,000 count bottles, with lot number of 36783, NDC number 42291-834-10, and an expiration date of 06/2022. They are known to have been shipped to distributors and wholesalers before being distributed nationwide.

In addition to double-checking your bottle, any patients experiencing adverse reactions to their medication should contact their physician or healthcare provider as soon as possible. Read on for other recalled products that you could have at home, and for more safety advice, check out why If You Use This Medication, You Need to Talk to Your Doctor Now.

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Towsleys phone chargers

Charging Smartphone on Table

In late November, a recall was issued for three different phone chargers from Towsleys: the 3-in-1 Qi wireless chargers, power banks, and travel wall chargers, according to a notice from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). At the time of the recall, Towsleys had received two reports of these chargers and power banks overheating and causing fires, with one user reporting $6,000 worth of property damage as a result. Luckily, there haven't been any known injuries thus far.

The CPSC says anyone with one of these phone chargers should stop using it and contact Towsleys for instructions on how to properly dispose of the recalled products. And for more surprising hazards potentially lurking in your house, know that If You Have This Battery in Your Home, You're at Risk of a Fire.

Dollar Tree candles

homemade scented candles

A certain brand of candles, sold exclusively at Dollar Tree stores nationwide, may be more dangerous than your average flammable item. According to a Dec. 2 recall notice issued by the CPSC, the Sure Scents 2-1 Peaceful Stream/Moonlight Waves candle can emit unusually high flames, potentially causing the candle's glass encasement to break. As of the recall date, there had been two incident reports of the candles doing just that, but no injuries had been reported.

About 143,000 of the candles, produced by Adco Trading Inc., were sold at Dollar Tree between Jul. 2020 and Sept. 2020. Anyone with one of the candles at home "should immediately stop using [it]" and contact Dollar Tree for a full refund, the CPSC reports. And for more potential hazards in your home, check out If You're Using This Pressure Cooker, You Need to Stop Now.

Canyon Bakehouse Mountain bread and bagels

Three slices of white bread on white plate on wooden table, old-fashioned cleaning hacks

Earlier in December, Flower Foods, Inc. voluntarily recalled their Canyon Bakehouse Mountain White Bread and Canyon Bakehouse Everything Bagels due to possible gluten contamination, despite being explicitly marketed as "100 percent whole grain gluten-free bakery products."

It's particularly alarming because both recalled products are likely purchased by individuals with medical aversions to gluten. "Consumption of this product by people with a wheat allergy, celiac disease, or gluten or wheat sensitivity may cause adverse health effects or serious allergic reactions," the FDA explained in the products' recall notice. And for more regular recall news, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Mary's chicken breast

Chicken breast

But that's hardly the only mislabeled food you may need to steer clear of. The U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced in late November that 10-pound cases of Mary's Fully Cooked Chicken Breast, made by Tarantino Wholesale Foods Distributor in San Diego, California, were (despite their name) undercooked.

"These items were shipped to institution locations in California and were sold directly to retail consumers," the FSIS's report reads. And for a beloved purchase that could actually be a hazard, check out If You Bought This From Walmart, Get Rid of It Right Now.

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