Matthew McConaughey Posts Adorable Pageant Photo of Him at 8

The star showed off his trophy from the Little Mr. Texas pageant back in 1977.

Long before Matthew McConaughey was a household name, he was just a little boy growing up in Texas. However, there was one thing that certainly made the future star a standout among his peers: his status as a pageant contestant. The Oscar winner posted an adorable throwback shot of himself in 1977 to Instagram recently in which he proudly shows off the trophy he won in the Little Mr. Texas pageant that year. However, as it turned out, his "win" may have been more than a bit exaggerated. Read on to see the adorable photo and to hear the backstory, and for more celebrity nostalgia, Priyanka Chopra Just Shared an Adorable Throwback of Herself at 17.

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McConaughey says he was Little Mr. Texas "until I wasn't."

matthew mcconaughey as a child in a black and white photo wearing a cowboy hat and holding a trophy

In the black-and-white photo, an 8-year-old McConaughey, wearing a straw cowboy hat, button-up shirt, and a contestant badge, holds up a trophy reading "Little Mr. Texas Runner-Up 1977."

McConaughey captioned the photo, "For 43 years I was Little Mr Texas…until i wasn't," adding a close-up photo highlighting the words "runner-up" on his trophy. And for more news about your favorite A-listers, check out these Celebrities You Had No Idea Were Related.

The actor revealed that his mother had let him believe he won.

matthew mcconaughey in a sweatshirt during a zoom interview
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During an Oct. 2020 interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, McConaughey explained that he believed he won the contest until just under three years ago. "Let's cut to about 2018…Something caught my eye. I looked on the nameplate that was engraved and I zoomed in on it and it said runner-up," McConaughey said.

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He attributes his success to his mother's white lie.

matthew mcconaughey in a white suit holding an oscar
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In the interview with Clarkson, McConaughey alluded to the fact that much of his confidence—and the success he's had in life—may have come from his childhood belief that he had actually won the pageant.

"I go, 'You know what? Would I even be sitting here with the life I had if I was raised thinking I was runner-up?'" And for more celebrity news delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Even when confronted, McConaughey's mom stuck to her story.

Matthew McConaughey on the red carpet for The Lincoln Lawyer with his mom

McConaughey went on to explain that, when he questioned his mom about the lie, she brushed it off, assuring him that he was the rightful winner of the title.

McConaughey said that his mother told him that the pageant's actual winner came from a family with "a whole bunch of money." "They were too rich. They were able to buy their kids really nice suits," she said, suggesting the "winner" hadn't earned the title through merit. And for more insight into your favorite celebrity families, Paul Walker's Daughter Just Landed Her First Major Modeling Gig.

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