This Mind-Blowing Trick Will Make Your Face Mask So Much Safer

A former Apple designer has a simple solution to make your mask fit better.

A former designer at Apple has come up with an ingenious DIY solution to make normal surgical masks much more effective during the coronavirus pandemic. All you need is three rubber bands, a surgical mask, and a handy tutorial video.

Sabrina Paseman is a former mechanical engineer who worked on the MacBook Pro and partnered with Megan Duong, a former marketer at Apple, in an attempt to solve the global shortage of N95 masks brought about the coronavirus pandemic. The two have launched a website called Fix the Mask, which promotes a new "mask brace." Here is their explanation: "We're facing a global shortage of N95 masks. N95 masks are difficult to manufacture. ASTM-level surgical masks—the kind hospitals have plenty of—are still available but do not seal tightly to the face, creating the risk of exposure to COVID-19 particles."

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N95 masks are considered the most effective protection against COVID-19, in part due to the very tight fit they provide their wearers. But Paseman has presented a rather amazing solution to make a regular surgical mask fit much tighter, therefore making the surgical mask much safer and better to protect its wearers from any aerosolized droplets that may contain germs or viruses of any sort.

The "mask hack" only requires three rubber bands to make a "chain." The end rubber bands go behind your ears and the center rubber band provides a tight seal around your mouth and nose. It sounds more complicated than it is, so watch the very simple tutorial below:

While social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines have effectively abated the outbreak of the coronavirus, the deadly contagion still exists. And the White House Coronavirus Task Force is still very insistent that social distancing and mask-wearing continue as a public health practice for the foreseeable future, or at least until reliable vaccines and therapeutic treatments can be widely available. And if you're curious how long you'll be wearing a face mask, know that This Is When Doctors Say They'll Stop Wearing Face Masks in Public.

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