Stay Slim by Stealing Mark Wahlberg's Vacation Diet Trick

You'll find no place for Wahlburgers in this regimen.

mark wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg may have spent the Christmas break on a beach holiday in Barbados with his family, but, as the 46-year-old actor reminded his fans on social media, his bod never gets a holiday.

The star has been getting in shape for Mile 22, an upcoming action film in which he plays a CIA field officer who teams up with an Indonesian cop to fight political corruption. Wahlberg told Men's Fitness that he wants to be in the best shape of his life for the action trilogy, which means "no wine, no pasta, no meatballs." Now, he must have taken a bit of a break from the latter rule, since he had some "golf course meatballs" on vacation.

But he also offset the protein with a workout in which he leaned against an exercise ball and crunched up and down in order to catch a medicine ball. It's an easy move, one you can even do while chatting with your wife or watching a film, but one that's sure to give you his six-pack abs.

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