Mark Hamill Just Cracked Some Hilarious Jokes About His Retro Star Wars Figures—Photos

Action figures have come a long way from the 1970s.

luke skywalker deluxe toy

If you heard the news about Toys R Us shutting down, you're probably feeling a bit sad and extremely nostalgic for those magical childhood days of wandering through aisle after aisle of towering shelves of toys in the stark glow of fluorescent lighting. And if you were coming of age in the '80s, nothing was quite as coveted as Star Wars figurines (some of which, by the way, fetch for a lot of money nowadays).

It seems like Mark Hamill, who is really riding high on his return as Luke Skywalker in last year's The Last Jedi, was feeling a little nostalgic, as well, as he shared a few photos of some toys that show his evolution from a floppy-haired blonde kid to a world-weary recluse over the last four decades. So read on, and you'll learn why Hamill's other most famous character is named "The Joker." And for more fun Star Wars trivia, check out The Best New Star Wars Locations You Can Actually Visit.

The Original

luke skywalker 1977 toy

Mark Hamill named his original 1977 Kenner series model "Generic Lemon-Haired Ken Doll Luke." You can find it on eBay now for $55.

The Naked Version

luke skywalker 1996 toy

Hamill calls this 1996 toy, which portrays how he was dressed in the healing bacta tank in Empire Strikes Back, as "Black-Haired Semi-Conscious Adult-Diaper Luke." For more humor, check out these 30 Hilariously Bad Celebrity Products. 

The Strong Man

luke skywalker 1996 toy

The 1996 release of iconic characters from the original trilogy included a considerably more jacked-looking Luke, which Hamill's named "Pumped-Up Roid-Rage With Balcony You Could Do Shakespeare From Luke."


luke skywalker toy

He may be a bit cranky, but today's "Senior Citizen Jedi Pension-Plan Future Force-Ghost Luke" is probably our favorite. Made by  Hot Toys, the new deluxe sixth scale Luke Skywalker figure is positively life-like.

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