Read Mark Hamill's Heartbreaking Tribute to Carrie Fisher

On the anniversary of Fisher's death, Hamill penned a fond farewell.

On December 27, 2016, the world lost one of the brightest stars in the galaxy: Carrie Fisher, who died of sudden cardiac arrest a few days after getting ill on a flight from London to Los Angeles. And while it's certainly impossible to forget Fisher, whose quick sense of humor and devil-may-care attitude has been immortalized in countless legendary stories, she has been particularly missed as of late thanks to the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Reprising her iconic role as Princess Leia, Fisher shines in the critically acclaimed film, which was dedicated to her. Both she and Mark Hamill, who also reprised his role as Luke Skywalker, have much bigger parts to play in this movie than they did in 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and they share a heartwarming reunion in their final scenes together. Perhaps that's what made it especially touching that he shared a tribute to his on-screen sibling and longtime friend with a few photos and a quote from the film: "No one's ever really gone."

The post comes shortly after Hamill admitted to the Guardian that he and Fisher had flirted with the idea of a romance, but decided to just be friends.

"Carrie and I were attracted to one another, but I knew from previous jobs that it would have been a bad idea," Hamill said.

Not there weren't a few slip-ups.

"But Carrie and I found pretexts," he continued. "I remember one time – I'm sure alcohol was involved – we were talking about kissing techniques. I said: 'Well, I think I'm a fairly good kisser. I like to let the women come to me rather than be aggressive.' And she said: 'What do you mean?' Well, next thing you know we're making out like teenagers."

The fact that they kept it at that was probably for the best, given that, a month before her death, Fisher revealed that she and Harrison Ford had carried on a steamy affair during shooting, which Hamill allegedly didn't know about until they wrapped. Talk about life imitating art. Besides, they were such great friends.

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