Mandatory Masks "Won't Be Enough" in These 4 States, Doctor Says

The former FDA commissioner says universal masking "won’t be enough at this stage" in these states.

There's no question that one of the most divisive topics amid the coronavirus pandemic has been the usage of face masks. Some states have made masks mandatory for months, others only recommend them, and still others are now just deciding to enforce a mask requirement. Scott Gottlieb, MD, the former FDA commissioner for the Trump Administration from 2017 until last spring, recently tweeted about the inconsistent face mask policies across the nation and said it may be too late for some states. "Universal masking is the most obvious and least intrusive intervention that states with large epidemics can now reach for," he wrote. "But it won't be enough at this stage." To know what those states are, read on. And for more pressing COVID-19 numbers to know, Here Are the States Where Coronavirus Numbers Are Up Over 75 Percent.


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The overall number of coronavirus cases in the Sunshine State has spiked sharply in the last few weeks. The Florida Department of Health recently reported an additional 3,286 cases of coronavirus on Tuesday, bringing the state total to 103,503. Reuters reports that Florida's COVID-19 cases rose 87 percent for the week ending in June 21. This follows a 49.6 percent rise the week before, and a 46.8 percent rise the week prior to that. Gottlieb previously told CNBC that the state might be "past the point" of controlling the virus. And for more states in that situation, check out These States May Be "Past the Point" of Controlling COVID-19, Doctor Says.


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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recently sounded an alarm over the coronavirus outbreak in his state when he confirmed to a local news station that "there is a massive outbreak of COVID-19 across the state of Texas." Abbott said this to KFDA on Wednesday: "Today we will have 5,000 people test positive again, as well as more than 4,000 people hospitalized because of it." Equally as concerning are reports of Houston area hospital ICU units being near capacity. And for more states in that situation, check out 6 States That Are Running Out of Hospital Beds.


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The Arizona health department reported a single-day high of 79 new coronavirus deaths on Wednesday as the Southwestern state continues to be ravaged by COVID-19. The state now has documented totals of 59,974 cases and 1,463 deaths. According to CNN, the number of positive cases in Arizona is doubling every two weeks. And for more on Arizona's dire situation, check out This State's Severe Coronavirus Cases Are Up 400 Percent Since Reopening.


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On Tuesday, California reported a single-day high with 7,149 new COVID-19 cases, according to the state's Department of Public Health. The previous record, set the day before, was more than 5,000. Hospitalization and ICU rates due to the virus are also at an all-time high in the state. And for more in-depth coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, check out these 9 States Where Coronavirus Cases Are Doubling Every Three Weeks.

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