Man Tweets About Hosting a House Party, Local Police Offer Hilarious Response

When did cops get so good at social media?

If you're planning on throwing a raging party, the last people you want to notify are probably the police. But that's precisely what Twitter user @KinSayCo did last week when he tagged the police department in Lee's Summit, Missouri, to let them know they were officially not invited to his house party.

Whether or not the Twitter user was actually hosting a party (or, for that matter, even lives with his parents; his pinned Tweet shows that he's engaged to be married), the police department posted a cheeky reply in response to him.

"We are actually pretty cool people to hang out with. But we get it. If nothing illegal is going on and no one calls us, we won't come," they wrote, followed by an epic burn: "But based off the number of likes/comments so far, it doesn't look like anyone else is going either…"

Their tweet immediately went viral, and even made it to the front page of Reddit. It's also the latest in what seems to be a developing trend of law enforcement agents shedding their traditionally austere image on social media.

Back in December, the police department in Richland, Washington, had a hysterical back-and-forth conversation on Facebook with a man who answered his own "Wanted" ad. And two months before that, actor David Schwimmer had a fun back-and-forth with the Blackpool Police Department in England, after CCTV revealed footage of a restaurant thief who bore a remarkable resemblance to Schwimmer.

Maybe the reason the social media accounts of police departments are becoming so jocular is because law enforcement in America has gotten such a bad reputation in recent years, and this is their way of showing they're human beings, too, and perfectly capable of taking a joke. But, whatever the reason is, we hope they keep it coming! And for more stories going viral, check out this utterly hilarious video of a dancing cockatoo!

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Diana Bruk
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