Starting Your Day This Way Will Improve Your Sex Life, Research Says

Doing this five-minute task could make you have more sex.

Most of us spend a good amount of time preparing our outward appearance for dates, but if you're trying to bring your date home, you shouldn't underestimate the appearance of your bed. Research conducted in August shows that the key to having more sex may be as simple as making your bed each morning. A survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Mattress Nerd found that people who make their beds every day are having 25 percent more sex than those who leave their beds unmade.

The study split 2,000 respondents into groups of bed-makers and non-bed-makers to see how this simple morning chore affects people in other aspects of their life. The poll showed that bed-makers were having more sex than non-bed-makers. This phenomenon may be due to the fact that a messy bed is considered a mood-killer by many. According to the poll, nearly 4 in 10 Americans say an unmade bed is a total turn-off.

However, the survey showed that non-bed-makers were mostly unbothered by other untidy folks. While 55 percent of bed-makers found an unmade bed to be a turn-off, only 9 percent of non-bed-makers said they would be troubled by an unmade bed. But since you don't know which kind of person you'll encounter, you can avoid the chance of your bed being a buzzkill by taking five minutes in the morning to straighten up your sleeping area.

Woman making her bed

The benefits of making your bed don't end with giving your sex life a boost. The survey found that bed-makers experienced a host of positive side effects as a result of the early morning routine. Almost half of the bed-makers said that making their bed made them feel productive throughout the day, and 66 percent said making their bed daily has been the key to having a successful day while in quarantine. Furthermore, 60 percent of people said that they've been making their beds more frequently during the pandemic, which they believe has helped improve their mental health.

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Good bed-making etiquette also enhanced many respondents' sleep: 38 percent of people who made their beds said they slept better when they were crawling into a well-made bed.

"Having a clean and organized sleep space trickles into other areas of your life," Madison Muire, editor at Mattress Nerd, said in a statement. "Not only does making your bed in the morning have a psychological impact on your productivity, but it also makes you more likely to keep other things cleaned and organized."

Taking a few minutes in the morning to make your bed could alter the trajectory of your entire day—and maybe even your night. And to avoid other potential turn-offs, Two-Thirds of People Say This Is a Dating Dealbreaker.

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