Madonna Dances in Scrubs in the Intensive Care Unit, Goes Viral

Strike a pose!

You would think that, given all of the unique outfits Madonna's worn over the years, that nothing could surprise you. But if you've been following the pop legend's Instagram account, you might not recognize her.

The worldwide icon has been posting photos of her helping out Dr. Borgstein, a pediatric surgeon at the Mercy James Centre of the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi. The surgery and intensive care unit was constructed by Raising Malawi, a non-profit charity founded by Madonna in 2006 whose goal is to provide healthcare, education opportunities, and community support to the many orphans and vulnerable children in this region.

According to the website, Borgstein is one of only four pediatric surgeons working in the African country, where there are an estimated 1.7 million children, many of whom are in dire need of care. Borgstein performs thousands of operations a year, and has saved the lives of countless children, while also training doctors to follow in his footsteps. No wonder Madonna describes him as her hero.

The center is named after her daughter, Mercy James, whom she adopted in Malawi along with her son, David Banda, and her twins, Stella and Estere.

True to her cause, Madonna has been spending time at the hospital, providing hands-on assistance. But she recently provided a lesson only Madonna can teach: how to be fierce and fabulous in the ICU. On Monday, she posted a video of her doing her iconic "Vogue" dance in full scrubs through the hallways of the hospital—and it is everything.

The video has received well over a million views, prompting an outpouring of love from her fans. And if you're wondering why the 59-year-old looks so incredibly amazing, you might want to check out her bizarre (but effective) fork facial regimen.

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