This Lumin Skin Kit Is Perfect for Guys Who Need Some Serious Self-Care

This genius skincare kit is perfect for giving yourself some serious TLC.

"Do people really wash their faces outside of the shower?" my husband asked me when Lumin's skincare kit first arrived on our doorstep. Yes, despite my own dedication to a skincare routine so involved I frequently fall asleep halfway through it, I'd married someone who had never done more to take care of their own skin than splash water on it.

However, upon opening up the Lumin set, a new man was born. As a sucker for packaging, my husband was impressed right out of the gate by Lumin's gorgeous black-and-white containers, which held exfoliating rub, charcoal cleanser, a moisturizing balm, dark circle treatment, moisturizing recovery oil, and anti-wrinkle serum.

And, for the first time in his life, he used something other than hair-washing runoff to clean his face—in fact, he liked the products so much, he used them for a full week, calling their results "impressive" and the products "not weird and gross, like I thought face stuff would be." From my perspective, he looked better-rested, as well.

Of course, as someone who's never passed up the opportunity to try a new product, I end up using them too—and, let's be honest, will continue to do so. They're light, they're practically odorless, and after just a week of using them, I genuinely felt like my pores looked tighter, and the bags under my eyes went from "Is that a bruise?" to "She looks normal!" A win, if you ask me!

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Perhaps the best part—no, it's definitely the best part—is that Best Life readers who sign up by December 31st, 2019 can get their first month free plus a 10 percent ongoing discount off their first year. It's perfect for starting the new year looking like a million bucks! And forget those last-minute trips to the drugstore—these bespoke boxes are delivered straight to your door every month or six months, depending on your preference.

Click the buy button above to get our exclusive discount, or head over to Lumin for more info.

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