A Lisa Frank Hotel Room Is Here to Make Every '90s Kid's Dream Come True

It's a real-life version of millennials' elementary school notebooks.

hotels.com lisa frank room

Nothing says '90s like the rainbow-covered bunnies, penguins, and polar bears of Lisa Frank. If you're a millennial, chances are you owned your fair share of school supplies covered in the designer's signature tie-dye dolphins and cutesy kittens with glittering eyes. And if your unicorn pencil pouch was one of your most prized possessions, this new Lisa Frank Flat at the Barsala Hotel in downtown Los Angeles is a fantasy come to life.

lisa frank room
Courtesy of Hotels.com

Hotels.com partnered with the iconic designer to create the kind of space an eight-year-old in the '90s would have dreamed of living in post-college.

There are animal-printed kitchen cabinets and a light-up canopy bed.

lisa frank apartment
Courtesy of Hotels.com

There's also an under-the-sea-style bathroom, including fun details like a dolphin toilet paper holder. And the plush robes, slipper sets, and sleep masks make for the ultimate slumber party. Best of all, you can keep them, so you'll know that your stay was not—a la the ending of a classic '90s rom-com—just a dream.

lisa frank hotel room
Courtesy of Hotels.com

There's also a minibar stocked with all the candy and Cheez Balls your parents swore would rot your teeth and sour your stomach. (And it's complimentary!)

lisa frank room
Courtesy of Hotels.com

There's even a random cupboard filled with stuffed animals, because what '90s kid wouldn't want that?

lisa frank room
Courtesy of Hotels.com

There are neon gel pens and signature stationary that you can use to write letters to your best friend from fifth grade you lost touch with. And, of course, there are rainbows everywhere.

"We wanted to design a room that celebrates all things '90s, and nothing screams childhood nostalgia more than these iconic designs," Adam Jay, president of Hotels.com, said in a statement.

lisa frank hotels.com room
Courtesy of Hotels.com

The room costs $199 a night and will be available from October 11 through October 27. Registration begins this Friday, but you better act fast, because the competition is bound to be as fierce as a Lisa Frank tiger!

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