Lin-Manuel Miranda and Billy Eichner Are Here to Cheer You Up—Video

The latest episode of "Billy on the Street" is both hilarious and heartwarming.

lin manuel miranda and billy eichner try to make new yorkers happy

The mood of the country isn't great at the moment. Our mental health is in crisis, our suicide rates our up, and our happiness index is at a historic low. But in the hate-mongering dark abyss of the Internet, there is the beacon of light and unfailing positivity that is Lin-Manuel Miranda.

After Anthony Bourdain's tragic passing last June, Miranda posted a beautiful little poem to remind everyone that they are so loved.

Since then, he's been posting moving motivational messages such as these nearly every morning and night, the best of which have been compiled into an illustrated book entitled Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks for Me & You.

But now, the star of Mary Poppins Returns has taken to the streets of his native New York with comedian Billy Eichner to spread a little cheer.

In the five-minute video below, the two of them run around town asking people whether or not they're happy and, if so, why? Obviously, the video is hilarious, because it's Billy Eichner ("YOU MIGHT WANT TO DECIDE THAT BEFORE YOU GO TO VIETNAM!"), but Miranda, who is a vocal supporter of the free hugs movement, brings all the heart.

Once you watch it, you'll appreciate this selfie even more.

Thanks for spreading the love, Lin-Manuel! And for more inspiring stories, read these personal testimonies of times when a random act of kindness from a stranger made all the difference.

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