This Is How Likely You Are to Get Cancer in Your Lifetime

Your odds of developing the disease might just surprise you.

woman talking to her doctor, chances of getting cancer

Getting a cancer diagnosis is often one of the scariest experiences in a person's life, which means it's no surprise many people wonder their chances of getting cancer. In fact, a study from MetLife suggests that cancer is the most-feared disease among adults in America, with 41 percent of survey subjects indicating concern about developing cancer in their lifetime.

Although it's understandable to fear a disease that kills 8.2 million people every single year, many people don't realize how likely they are to develop cancer in the first place. While habits like smoking, excessive drinking, or carrying extra weight can increase your cancer risk, the overall odds you'll develop cancer the disease may be lower than you think.

According to the American Cancer Society, men have a 39.66 percent probability, or approximately a one in three risk, of developing cancer in their lifetime. For women, the odds are slightly lower, at 37.65 percent. While those statistics may seem grim, there's still hope. In fact, your risk of dying from cancer remains relatively low. Men have a 22.05 percent lifetime risk of dying from cancer, while the risk for women hovers around 18.75 percent.

And while the American Cancer Society's Global Facts & Figures suggests that new cancer diagnoses will grow by up to 50 percent by the year 2030, the odds of survival are better than ever. Not only is the uptick in cancer rates largely related to the ever-increasing human lifespan and lower birthrates in developing countries, cancer treatments are becoming more advanced by the minute.

According to the SEER Cancer Statistics Review, the death rate from cancer in the United States dropped a staggering 13 percent between 2004 and 2013, and has been steadily declining since the 1990s. And luckily, there's still plenty we can do to stop the disease before it starts. Adding the 40 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer After 40 to your routine might just be the key to keeping healthy.

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