Awesomely Old School: Meet the Coolest New Throwback Sports Gear

Everyone's winning the game with these beauties.


This year, the talented former baseball photographer Paul Cunningham, founder of Leather Head Sports, and the ultra-luxurious Italian manufacturer Fratelli Rossetti teamed up to create wonderfully lavish new line of ultra-upscale sports wares. Yes, we're talking about hand-stitched baseballs crafted from the finest leather, leatherhead-style footballs, and awesomely heavy and old-fashioned soccer balls that scream Johan Cruyff instead of Cristiano Ronaldo. If you're looking for a great gift for a buddy—or need some really cool tchotchkes for your office—look no further.

The unlikely partnership is the result of Fratelli Rossetti's nascent Artisan Project Initiative, in which they're giving new artists once-in-a-lifetime creative opportunities. Leather Head Sports it their first partner in this initiative, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. Here are some of our favorite wares from the new line. Collect them, wear them, use them as bookends, or even throw them in the yard.

New York Special Edition

shoe leather head sports

$460; buy now at or in Fratelli Rossetti boutiques

To celebrate the partnership, Fratelli Rossetti has crafted the consummate sneaker. The stitching is inspired by the baseballs of the earlier 20th century—and it's all done by hand. Sleek and sophisticated, this limited-edition shoe is available in either creamy tobacco or jet black, and works just as well on the field as it does in the boardroom. Just make sure you're ready to tackle those pesky business meetings.

Handsome Dan Leather Football

leather head sports football

$98; buy now at

If you're going to toss a pigskin around, make sure it's a quality one. Now, time to get jacked enough to play in the League.

Naismith Leather Basketball

leather head sports basketball

$195; buy now at

Leather Head Sports has done the impossible: Made a sexy basketball. Talk about a slam dunk.

Handsome Dan 1930 Era Leather Soccer Ball

leather head sports soccer ball

$198; buy now at

There's a reason soccer players are in such excellent shape: they're constantly sprinting around. Copy those guys, and work some of the 10 best cardio workouts for men over 40 into your routine.

12 lb. Handsome Dan Leather Medicine Ball

leather head sports medicine ball

$325; buy now at

One of the best ways to shred your entire body is, as we all know, a monster set of burpees. However, add a medicine ball at the end, and you'll burn even more calories. Just follow these instructions.

Lemon Ball Leather Baseball

leather head sports baseball

$40; buy now at

If the MLB used baseballs this sumptuous, I'd sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" every day.

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