Here's the Insanely Cool Lamborghini Pope Francis Is Selling at Auction

Yes, the Pope has a Lamborghini.


With his relatively progressive views and down-to-earth attitude, Pope Francis is often affectionately referred to as "The Cool Pope." But if you thought he was cool before, wait until you get a look at his wheels.

It turns out that, until recently, His Holiness was the owner of a custom-made 2018 Lamborghini Huracán RWD Coupé, one that was given to him as a gift last year by the luxury car company, who made sure to paint it white and included gold stripes so that it matched the Vatican City's flag and the Pope's signature robes.

Given that he's a nice pope and not one of those evil mercenary ones from The Godfather Part III, he probably realized that kissing severely disfigured men and then whizzing off in a custom-made Lamborghini might not look so good to his millions of followers.

So he's auctioning it off via Sotheby's Monaco on May 12, for an estimated price of $303,000 to $425,000. True to his calling, the Pope will be donating all of the money from the auction to charity. According to the official website, 70% will go to Nineveh, Iraq (a city heavily attacked and besieged by ISIS), 10% to Amici per il Centrafrica Onlus (a non-profit that offers aid in Central Africa), 10% to the Groupe International Chirurgiens Amis de la Main (which provides medical aid to Africa and Asia), and the Pope John XXIII Community Association (a pontifical organization battling poverty).

So not only would you be scoring a sweet ride, you'd be helping the world while you're at it.

Here's how the car is described on the Sotheby's website:

Customized and built to European specifications by Lamborghini's Ad Personam program, the car is finished in Bianco Monocerus contrasted by Giallo Tiberino stripes and detailing in homage to the colours of the flag of Vatican City. Riding on diamond-finished 20-in. Giano wheels covering Nero callipers, the car is trimmed within in Bianco Leda Sportivo leather, with Lamborghini crests adorning the headrests. The final touch was added by the Pope himself, who signed the bonnet of the car upon seeing it for the first time. Presented in virtually as-new condition, the Huracán has remained in static storage since being produced in late 2017.

And for more eye candy courtesy of the luxury supercar company, check out Lamborghini's Stunning New SUV.

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