Everyone's Going Shirtless Like Kylo Ren on Instagram

John Mayer (yes, the musician) kicked off the Star Wars–themed challenge over the weekend.

If you've seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi (and if you haven't, warning: minor spoiler alert within this post), then you know that one of the most talked-about moments from the film was when emo Ben Kenobi (Adam Driver) chats with Rey (Daisy Ridley), via the Force, wearing nothing but what looks like some very high waisted black leather pants. "Can't you put on a cowl or something?" Rey quips, in one of the funniest lines of the film. And lo, the #ShirtlessKyloRen hashtag was born.

john mayer in kylorenchallenge

Over the weekend, John Mayer decided to start 2018 off on a funny note by posting a selfie of him wearing nothing but a pair of ludicrously high pants (seriously, where did he even get these?), and so, the #kylorenchallenge was born. Now men, and sometimes women, everywhere are stepping up and embracing the high-waisted, bare-chested, overly emotional, morally torn teenager in all of us. So if you've got a pair of oversized trousers gathering dust in your closet, now's the time to pull them out. For your inspiration, here are the best of the crop.


Dudes with decidedly non-Kyle mien got in on the action.


As did women.


And of course, jacked men, too. (The trend is an easy excuse to show off some serious pectorals.)


Finally, we saved the sexiest for last:


It's the best trend we've seen since people mysteriously started taking pasta selfies on Instagram. Just don't put it on Tinder!

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