Travis Scott Spent About $60,000 Covering Kylie Jenner's Entire House in Roses

The king of extravagant gifts strikes again!

On Monday night, Kylie Jenner got an over-the-top early birthday surprise from her longtime boyfriend Travis Scott. The 28-year-old rapper covered—and we mean covered—Jenner's entryway to her California home with tens of thousands of rose petals and several massive rose arrangements to celebrate her upcoming 22nd birthday on August 10th.

Jenner shared a video of the scene on Instagram, captioning it, "My house is covered in ROSES! And it's not even my birthday yet!!!!! Omg ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️" The short clip also showed the couple's daughter, Stormi Scott, playing with and wading through the sea of flowers.

Of course, a stunning display of affection like this doesn't come cheap, according to Josh Spiegel, president and creative director of Birch Event Design, an event production company based in Brooklyn, New York, that specializes in these kinds of over-the-top floral displays. Spiegel estimates the extravagant gift likely cost Scott between $50,000 and $60,000.

"Assuming the foyer is 2,000 square feet, it would take approximately 16,000 roses to cover the area appropriately," Spiegel said.

Spiegel added that it would have taken eight hours to create the display. "The process includes breaking all the roses, filling boxes, laying out plastic on the floor (so you don't damage the floor or carpet), and then pouring the rose petals out evenly," he said. "Something that seems super simple really needs to be done right."

On Instagram, Jenner also shared a glimpse at the card her Grammy-nominated beau sent with the dozens and dozens of roses. "Happy Birthday!!!!" it read. "We're just getting started. Love you!!!!"

This is hardly the first elaborate gift Scott has gotten Jenner. For her 21st birthday last year, he gifted her a vintage Rolls-Royce. And for Mother's Day, he lavished her with flowers surrounding her pool, including several lush pink bouquets.

Can't wait to see what Scott has planned for Jenner's actual birthday in a few days. After all, he said he's "just getting started." And for more fun facts about the Kardashian-Jenner clan, here are 33 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About the Kardashians.

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