This Genius Digital Device Is a Camera and Printer All in One—And It’s Only $100

This is the only camera you need this summer—or during any season, really.

This Genius Digital Device Is a Camera and Printer All in One—And It’s Only $100

Summer is easily the best season for getting adorable snaps for photo albums, fireplace mantles, and that otherwise-dour cubicle you report to five days a week. After all, beaches, parks, and your friends’ backyards are at the height of their picturesque beauty in the summertime—and between your Summer Fridays and those vacation days you’ve been saving up, you’ve got plenty of time on your hands to capture all those memorable moments with family and friends.

But before you can snap some photos frolicking through the sand or barbecuing in the backyard, you need to find a camera that’s a little more fun to use than the one on your phone. Thankfully, Kodak’s latest offering—the Kodak Smile Instant Print Digital Camera—is all that and more. This Kodak digital camera is like the Polaroid camera of the 21st century. Not only does this $100 camera take digital photos, but it also prints them instantly via a built-in printer. Oh, and if you want to also post your stunning summer snapshots on Instagram or Facebook, you can use a MicroSD card to transfer all your photos right to a computer.

Kodak Digital Camera Kodak

Now, we understand if you’re skeptical. Considering that, just a few years ago, photo printers alone frequently cost hundreds of dollars, it seems kind of hard to believe that an an affordable camera that also prints photos can actually take quality pictures. The good news is that the reviews speak for themselves. People who have purchased the device online can’t stop raving about it. Head over to Amazon and you’ll find happy customers calling it “fabulous and exciting” and “an awesome instant print camera that comes in an incredible design.”

Whether you’re looking for the perfect compact camera for traveling or just want to invest in a fun new summer toy, this Kodak digital camera is well worth every penny. You can read more about the digital device on Kodak’s website—or, if you’re ready to put it to the test, head over to the Bloomingdale’s website to pick one up in your choice of white, blue, green, red, or black for just $100. Your choice! And for more amazing summer buys, snag these 25 Beach Essentials You Won’t Believe Are From Target.

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