People Are Suggesting Hilarious "Knives Out 2" Title Ideas on Twitter

The Knives Out Twitter account asked for title suggestions for the sequel, and Twitter delivered.

You've probably heard the exciting news that there's a Knives Out sequel in the works. Director and screenwriter Rian Johnson told Variety on Sunday that while Daniel Craig would be reprising his role as Det. Benoit Blanc, the movie would feature a new cast, setting, and mystery plot. So, though we won't be seeing Ana de ArmasJamie Lee Curtis, and other fan favorites from the original in the sequel, Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter that he'd start crafting the new script with new characters this week. And now, he has some extra inspiration for what to call the sequel. On Tuesday, the movie's official Twitter account asked for suggestions for the Knives Out 2 title, and the hilarious responses started rolling in.

Given how silly movie sequel titles can get, people really let their imaginations run wild.

Remember 2 Fast 2 Furious? Well, make way for 2 Knives 2 Out.

Or why not do the thing where you throw in numbers and Roman numerals in place of letters? KnIIves Out, anyone?

Of course, some people couldn't resist the opportunity to make really bad puns.

Meanwhile, others got literary with their ideas for the Knives Out 2 title.

And some suggestions were just plain trippy.

Of course, Johnson took notice.

And while none of these may end up being the actual title for Knives Out 2, at least now he's got plenty of ideas to work with!

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