The Kingsman Sequel Could Be the Most Stylish Movie Of All Time

The first film blew our ascots off. The sequel looks even more sartorially explosive.

Kingsman, the 2014 movie about a super-secret and elite British spy agency operating under the cover of an upscale haberdashery, was a massive sleeper hit, ringing up the box office to the tune of $414 million and racking up critical praise. But amid all the action, gunfire, beautiful women, and unforgettable Samuel L. Jackson lispy one-liners—plus one fight scene that crammed the body count of John Wick into three minutes—the true star of the film was clearly the wardrobe. Who can forget Colin Firth explaining the fine art of proper tailoring, and that whole "oxfords, never brogues" bit, to a young and cocky Eggsy (played with devilish charm by Taron Egerton)?

At the time, the filmmakers had actually partnered with Mr. Porter on a Kingsman-branded line of suiting, shirts, even umbrellas—all with "focus on the British heritage, with cloths sourced from traditional mills and hand-picked collaborations with classic brands," including Turnbull & Asser, Corgi, and Drake's. Yes, that's a whole lot of fashion firepower.

How could director Matthew Vaughn even begin to outdo himself in a sequel?

Well, see for yourself:

Yes, that's Eggsy sporting perfectly fitting double-breasted suits with the requisite rep ties. He's also wearing a red-velvet tuxedo jacket and driving what appears to be a 1960s-era Ferrari California Spider, one of the most stylish Ferraris in history, which also doubles as a submarine. We also get a quick glimpse of a pretty fly black jumpsuit.

But here's where things get really sartorially interesting: Kingsman: The Golden Circle (the sequel's official name) is introducing an American counterpart to Kingsman called the Statesman, and you know what that means: denim and pinstripes, fighting side-by-side.

The high-low contrast of Savile Row tailoring next to manly man Americana is a fashion editor's dream come true. We see Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges—who, given his IMDB, could be dressed from his own wardrobe—fully decked out in their finest cowboy threads, including a brushed belt buckle and ultra-chic cowboy boots.

And finally, of course, there's the red lingerie. Because everyone looks better in red.

We'll raise a martini to that.

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