Inside Kim Kardashian's Lavish, All-Pink Baby Shower

She's re-written the entire baby shower rulebook.

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Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian threw a baby shower for baby number three, which she's currently expecting with Kanye West via an unknown surrogate. Never known to do things by halves, the reality TV star made it so lavish that it immediately made headlines. This baby isn't even here yet, and he or she already has a lot to live up to. Let's take a look at some of KK's unwritten rules for throwing the most lush baby shower ever:

Cherry Blossoms Are In

It's important to make sure to absolutely enshrine the room in cherry blossoms, so that it rivals a Japanese tea house, and so that guests can hide from talking to Aunt Jude by strategically hiding against a display of pink petals.

Also known as the Elle Woods approach to party hosting, pink sparkles are back in after a brief hiatus since 2008. Sidenote: is all of the pink Kim's way of telling us she's having a girl, or are those gender binaries like, so 2014?

Make Everything Pink And Sparkly

It might be difficult to snag Chrissy Teigen, who's also looking to expand to baby #3 with husband John Legend, if you aren't a megastar, but just do your best.

Invite All of the Celebs

There's No Such Thing As Bad Timing for Publicity

It might seem like a baby shower is an inappropriate time to market your new line of fragrances, but what's the point of inviting all of your closest celebs to a party if you don't use the opportunity for a bit of shameless self-promotion?

Wear Something Stunning

No pajamas/sweatpants allowed at a KK bash. The star looked gorgeous in what appeared to be a cream colored bandeau and matching full-length skirt, and her guest dressed up accordingly. Granted, she's not physically pregnant, but even when she was at full term with North, she still wore six-inch stilettos, so the rule counts.

Dress Your Kid Up Casual

Heels are for adults. Let your kid run around in fuzzy slippers and a themed ensemble while they still can.

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