The KikStik Is the Perfect Holiday Gift for Anyone Who's Obsessed With Their Phone

The KikStik is the ideal stocking stuffer for anyone whose device is practically an appendage.

white woman's hand holding gold phone with black kikstik attached

For people with clumsy hands, among whom I count myself, having a smartphone is somewhat of a conundrum. Sure, it's great to have essentially the entirety of human knowledge at your fingertips, but the prospect of smashing something worth a cool grand every time you try to take a selfie isn't exactly ideal.

Enter: The KikStik. While you've probably seen plenty of adhesive phone-holding gadgets out there, this one's got a genius feature that others don't: You can actually use it while inductive charging, meaning that awesome charging mat you got as a present doesn't have to go to waste just because you wanted to not drop your phone for a few hours.

black kikstik phone kickstand on iphone
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The KikStik, which forms a triangular base against your phone into which you can insert your hand, felt significantly more secure than your average phone grip—and, as a person who's managed to drop my phone at least once a day for basically forever, I'm basically an expert on the subject. Better yet, the KikStik is thin enough to hold easily—there's no Vulcan salutation necessary just to keep a grip on things. And for anyone whose phone is basically just a glorified TV set, this ingenious little gadget is sure to come in handy, too: its unique shape makes it a supportive base for your phone when you're watching your favorite shows (or trying to take a hands-free selfie).

If you're looking for the perfect stocking stuffer this year, look no further—and head over to PureGear to get a KikStik for someone on your list (and maybe one for yourself, while you're at it).

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