Kendall Jenner Wears Gigantic Coat and the Internet Can't Stop Laughing

Winter is coming!

There's rarely a day that goes by when someone from the Kardashian clan doesn't go viral for one thing or another, but it's usually because the image is either super sexy and NSFW or really controversial.

But when Vogue France recently posted this photo of Kendall Jenner wearing a larger-than-life puffer jacket to their Twitter account, people just had to laugh.

The social media star was first spotted in the Balenciaga quilted shell jacket back in January 2017 while on her way to Kanye West's apartment in New York. It quickly became the winter's hottest outerwear trend, but also the butt of some jokes, because she looked like she was essentially drowning in plush down comforter.

Now, the new (clearly photoshopped) image has become a running joke on the Internet.

We all wanna stay warm in the wintertime, but this is ridiculous.

Some people tweaked the image further so that her head looks even more microscopic.

Like when you're a kid and your mom buys you a new coat that essentially turns you into a human burrito.

For what it's worth, the Kardashians' ability to consistently captivate the Internet has really paid off. And for more on this, find out the Eye-Popping Amount of Money Kylie Jenner's Instagram Posts Are Worth.

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