John Krasinski Takes Hilarious Jab at Hugh Jackman for Cozying Up to Emily Blunt

"Don't make me think I can hurt you."

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

John Krasinksi and Emily Blunt are the definition of Hollywood #relationshipsgoals. Not only do they constantly make their love for one another abundantly clear, but they also excel at creative collaboration—as evidenced by the enormous critical and commercial success of their horror film A Quiet Place.

Last weekend, Variety hosted an event to celebrate their "Actors on Actors" show on PBS, in which actors interview other actors. Emily Blunt was paired up with all-around hunk Hugh Jackman, and the two got pretty cosy on the red carpet.

Krasinski quickly posted a response, saying "Eeeeeeasy Hugh…not sure this is what Variety meant with #ActorsonActors…Don't make me think I can hurt you."

Of course, this was all meant in jest, not least of all because Hugh Jackman's 22-year-marriage to Deborra-lee Furness is the stuff of legend. But, as always, there was Ryan Reynolds, whose long-running "feud" with Hugh Jackman is one of the funniest subplots in Hollywood, just had to step in and fan the flames.

For the record, Reynolds and Jackman have been trolling one another on Twitter ever since they starred in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009. 

And it's a well-documented fact that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively frequently express their affection for one another by mocking each other on social media.


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Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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So the jury is out: in 2018, love means never having to say you missed an opportunity to tease one another on the Internet. And for more of Reynolds' more subtle jabs at his wife, check out his hilarious response to rumors of marital trouble!

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