See J.K. Rowling's Scathing Burn On President Trump

This might be her best quip yet.

J.K. Rowling is, to put it gently, not a big fan of President Donald Trump. The Harry Potter author has frequently taken shots at the president on her popular Twitter account.

Last year, she went on a scorched earth-spree with burns on the American president, the best of the bunch being the caption she posted to this meme-worthy photo of him and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

In 2018, she's remained largely silent on Trump, but took aim at him once again on Wednesday, after one social media user shared a photo of the American president's infamously large handwriting.

Rowling shared the photo along with an armchair analysis on what it means.

According to one website, large handwriting like Trump's indicates the following:

On the negative side, large writing means that we are before an arrogant person, conceited, haughty, who needs to exhibit compliments and recognitions, tyrant tendencies, exhibitionist and phony personality that may become megalomaniac with lack of a critical sense. The insecurity and inferiority complex and lack of self-esteem may be compensated with a large writing. When the signature is larger than the text, this reflects pride, consciousness of self-value and on the negative side it shows the individual has more ambitions than real possibilities.

"I didn't believe in graphology until about three minutes ago," she wrote in her caption. (For context, graphology, which says that a person's handwriting can be used to infer personality traits, is considered dubious in the scientific community)

Her tweet was very well-received by fans, who said it reminded them of a certain character from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, who had an equally large scrawl and personality to match.

For more on the president's Twitter, check out The Times That President Trump's Tweets Baffled the World.

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