Teen's Incredible Jim Halpert Impersonations Go Viral on TikTok

Luke Lorraine's TikTok video shows him doing an impression of the beloved Office character.

luke lorraine jim halpert impersonation

Jim Halpert's dry sense of humor and dramatic facial expressions are part of what made him one of the most beloved characters on The Office. John Krasinski's classic Jim stares and one-liners seem almost inimitable. But now, a talented 19 year old is going viral for his amazing ability to impersonate Jim's special brand of deadpan humor. His name is Luke Lorraine, and he's making waves on TikTok for his mind-blowing Jim Halpert impersonations.

Just watch Lorraine do Jim's part in a classic scene with Dwight from Season 7.

@wavymcgradyi get told i look/act like jim every day please duet this #fyp #foryoupage #theoffice #jimfromtheoffice #ThatsWhatILike♬ pre pre prepared – theofficefun

If you close your eyes, you can't even tell the difference between Lorraine and Krasinski's Jim at all, which is probably why the video has received more than 305,000 likes in the two days since it was posted.

Lorraine followed up with another iconic clip of him as Jim talking to Pam on the phone and announcing to the office that they're engaged; it also went viral, with almost 300,000 likes as of now. Even the way he uncomfortably swivels in his chair is spot-on.

@wavymcgradyi bought this phone from goodwill cuz everyone asked me to do more here you go #foryoupage #fyp #theoffice #jimhalpert #ThatsWhatILike♬ original sound – theoffíce

Lorraine told Popsugar that he was inspired to record a video of his Jim Halpert impersonation after people told him time after time that he reminds them of the character.

"It's funny, even the facial expressions I do naturally make my mom say, 'That's so Jim,'" he said.

Lorraine mostly posts videos on TikTok of him singing, which—spoiler alert—he's also great at. But with impersonating skills like these, there's no doubt he'd make a great actor, too.

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