People Are Praising Jill Biden for Defending Joe Biden From Protesters

A video of Jill Biden swooping in to save Joe Biden during his Super Tuesday rally have gone viral.

On Tuesday night, Joe Biden was thanking his supporters for guiding him to a Super Tuesday victory at a Los Angeles rally when a protester stormed the stage with a "Let Dairy Die" sign. Jill Biden immediately body-blocked her husband as a security guard ushered the protester off the stage. But when a second protester came at him, the potential future first lady wasted no time defending her husband.

The video went viral, as did this photo taken by Patrick T. Fallon for Bloomberg, which shows her leaping at the vegan protestor with the ferocity of a lioness protecting her young.

"Get you a significant other who will block a protester when Secret Service fails!" American University PhD student Reza H. Akbari tweeted.

The whole incident was unexpected. "Did not have 'Jill Biden trucks a vegan' on my Super Tuesday Bingo card," BuzzFeed News social media strategist Josh Billinson tweeted.

Some have even suggested that Jill Biden join the Secret Service, especially given that her husband does not currently have Secret Service protection.

Others think she has great potential for the NFL.

"Jill Biden using good pass-pro technique. Moves her feet, extends her arms, keeps balanced and stays between rusher and Joe. Should have been a left tackle," New York Magazine writer Jonathan Chait tweeted.

But the general consensus is that—regardless of where you stand politically—you have to respect how much Jill Biden loves her husband.

Of course, Jill Biden has an impressive résumé of her own. She holds a B.A. from the University of Delaware, a Masters in education from West Chester University, a Masters in art from Villanova University, and a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Delaware. She's spent much of her career teaching English to high school students. And many believe she'd be an inspiring woman to have in the White House.

No matter how you're voting this year, we are all here for this sequel to The Bodyguard.

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