Jennifer Lawrence Stuns As America's Best New TV Host

Her candid sit-down with Kim Kardashian is funniest way to start your weekend.

If there's one thing that Jennifer Lawrence's stint last night as a guest show host on Jimmy Kimmel Live taught us, it's that JLaw would make the best late night TV show ever if she wasn't too busy being a super talented actress. Taking over the desk for an absolutely delightful hour, Jennifer interviewed her celebrity goddess, Kim Kardashian, with her characteristic wit and charm.

She was hilarious and light-hearted, but she also managed to actually ask questions that taught us a few things about a woman we thought we knew everything about. Like, for example, that Kim Kardashian is actually extremely shrewd and managed to figure out a way to hack into her ex-boyfriends' phones using a complicated system of competing voice mails. Or that Kim Kardashian is probably the first one of her siblings to have lost her virginity.

JLaw also managed to utilize her inherent likeability to get KK to answer some extremely intimate questions that I'm pretty sure everyone was dying to know (like whether or not she and Kanye fart in front of each other), while also getting her to spill some sincerely personal stories (like how she found out her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her on her birthday). Of course, when Kim took out her new blush line and it transpired that the tube looked exactly like a dildo, JLaw turned that into one of the funniest improv skits I've ever seen on TV.

There was, however, one thing about the interview that was distracting (or two).

I'm speaking, of course, of her outfit. When sitting down, it kind of seemed like she was wearing a black tank top with a white button down shirt, which is a very classic and sexy look, except that in this case it seemed like she had taken the shirt and tied it up underneath her collarbone.

Now, if you saw the pre-taped intro to the live show, in which she's sitting in front of a mirror trying to practice not cursing, you can see that this seemed to actually all be one dress. Though it's possible, in theory, to recreate this look by cutting up a white button down shirt and sewing it onto a LBD, though I would definitely NOT recommend doing that because you will probably just end up looking clinically insane.

In any case, only JLaw can really pull off this look, and even as a woman it was impossible not to notice how elegantly and alluringly the strange design hugged her breasts. Though she herself laughed at one point and emphasized that she was squeezing her boobs together not because she wanted to show off her cleavage, but because she was sweating and didn't want anyone to see her armpits. So, ladies, next time you can feel yourself sweating in one of these perilous blouses, just do the JLaw!

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