You Won't Believe the Insane Bar Tab Jay-Z Racked Up This Weekend—Photos

The tip alone was enough to make your eyes water.

You Won't Believe the Insane Bar Tab Jay-Z Racked Up This Weekend—Photos

Sunday night marked the NBA All-Star Game, so, naturally, Beyonce and Blue Ivy were both sitting courtside at the Staples Center in LA to watch Team Lebron demolish Team Stephen in the heart-pounding final minutes.

Shockingly, however, Jay-Z was nowhere to be seen, but he had a good excuse for missing one of the biggest nights in basketball, as he was in NYC celebrating the birthday of Juan "OG" Perez, his close friend and president of Roc Nation Sports. According to Page Six, Jay-Z took Perez and a few Roc Nation execs out for dinner at Zuma—a high-end Japanese place in midtown Manhattan, where he paid a $13,000 bill.

Dinner was mere child's play in comparison to the check that came when they went out for drinks afterwards at the Playroom Lounge way uptown. According to a check that was posted by a flabbergasted server on Snapchat, the bill came out to a whopping $91,135.00, despite the fact that the party was at that point merely a group of six.

jay-z spends $93,000 on cognac at bar with friends.

Now, granted, eyewitnesses said they saw the rapper handing out bottles of his cognac, Jay's D'Ussé, which he bought 40 bottles of at their full price—$1,200 per bottle. Of course, since he owns the brand, he's basically just paying himself tens of thousands of dollars, which is kind of brilliant.

Fans on Twitter couldn't help but notice that, despite his $610 million fortune, the mega-celeb only left a 15% tip. Since that still came out to $11,000, though, it's likely the server wasn't too disappointed. And for more celeb news, read the Real Story on How Harry and Meghan Got Together. 

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