This Cat Is Going Viral for Being the Best Dancer of All Time

He's feline footloose.

We all know cats are regal, refined, majestic creatures. They're known for their stealth—moving so subtly and quietly, you barely notice them perched atop of the refrigerator for hours and hours on end.

But not this guy. Nope, this cat was born for the stage, and he wants you to know it. Just check out those jazz hands.

His name is Chaco, and he lives in Japan with his sister, Suzuka. Chaco, who's also known #ninjacat and #dancingcat online, has more than 23,000 followers on Instagram, all of whom seem to adore his signature poses that are reminiscent of some pretty famous dance moves.

He can breakdance like nobody's business.

Just watch this furry b-boy go!

He's got the zombie dance from "Thriller" down pat.

He can do "the twist."

He loves to stay at the… "Y.M.C.A."

And he can even do ballet.

This is some ABT material right here. Someone get Chaco an agent!

His sister may not be impressed…

But we sure are!

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