NFL Reporter Jane Slater Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating Via His Fitbit

On Twitter, she shared the story of catching her ex in the act when his Fitbit activity spiked at 4 a.m.

Gone are the days when you had to smell your spouse's shirts or dig through their car to catch them committing infidelity. Today, it's all about the apps. People are catching their partners cheating by sleuthing on Instagram, Twitter, and—according to one viral tweet—Fitbit. Yes, NFL reporter Jane Slater, 38, revealed she caught her ex-boyfriend cheating via Fitbit.

On Dec. 5th, Slater responded to the controversy surrounding the Peloton Christmas commercial by tweeting that one Christmas, her ex-boyfriend got her a Fitbit—which tracks the number of steps you walk, your sleep quality, your heart rate, and other indications of physical activity and overall health.

At first, she "loved it." The couple synced up their Fitbits so they could help each other stay motivated to work out. It was all going well… until "he was unaccounted for at 4 a.m. and his physical activity levels were spiking on the app."

Slater's tweet went viral. Some people chimed in to say maybe he was just watching TV. Those cop shows can really raise your heart rate!

But it gets worse. Slater added that she was at his apartment with balloons because his birthday was the following day, and any activity at 4 a.m. was out of character for him.

She's fairly certain he was not at a spin class.

Plenty of people who'd been cheated on made jokes on Twitter about those so-called "activity levels."

And impressively, Slater is taking it all in stride now.


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