James Van Der Beek Poked Fun at the College Admissions Scandal on Twitter

At least someone's having a good time with "Operation Varsity Blues."

Celebrities Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are facing serious accusations of standardized test cheating and feigning sports participation to get their children into some of the nation's top colleges. And when news broke and shook the country this week, we also learned that the Department of Justice has dubbed its investigation into the scandal "Operation Varsity Blues." James Van Der Beek, who starred in the 1999 movie the investigation is named after, took the time to add some pop cultural levity to the situation.

On Twitter, Van Der Beek poked fun at "Operation Varsity Blues" in the most inappropriately appropriate way possible.

So far, other celebrities like Lena DunhamBachelor host Chris Harrison, and comedians Kathy GriffinW. Kamau Bell, and Samantha Bee have been chiming in as well. With details on this scandalous story continuing to emerge, it's likely that the internet isn't going to run out of material any time soon. And for more laughable A-lister moments, here are 30 Hilarious Photos of Your Favorite Celebs As Teens.

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