Jack Black Launched a Video Gaming YouTube Channel and It's Going Viral

The Tenacious D frontman's hilarious mission to make it big on YouTube

Jack Black

Jack Black has abandoned the big screen for a much smaller one these days: YouTube.

Last month, the bearded star of such comedy classics as School of Rock and Tropic Thunder—and the leader of the comedy-rock duo Tenacious D—took to YouTube to announce the launch of his all-new channel, called Jablinski Games. Here, the actor said, he would soon be reviewing video games online every Friday. "It's going to be bigger than Ninja," Black claimed in the first video, referring to a YouTube star with more than 20 million followers who made an alleged $10 million from playing video games in the past year alone.

And while Black definitely doesn't have either the gaming knowledge or the production quality of famous YouTubers like Ninja (Black himself confessed that "there is no production behind this" and that his videographer is actually just his son), his channel is already a smash hit and going viral, amassing more than 3 million subscribers so far.

Now, that might be 17 million less than Ninja, but it's still hugely impressive. After all, it's been live for just two weeks, and the only video game he's actually reviewed so far isn't even a video game at all. It's pinball. Oh, and that "review" isn't much of a review. More accurately, the video, titled "A House with a Pin in It's [sic] Balls," can be better described as three frantic minutes of Black futzing around the Pinball Hall of Fame, eating popcorn, and then watching an old movie.

Watch it here:

But what can we say? It's Jack Black! And Jack Black launching a video gaming review channel that doesn't even really review video games is exactly the sort of quirky randomness and ebullient energy that fans of Tenacious D have come to know and love. It's also why, in the words of the tech site The Verge, Black may be one of the rare celebs "who gets YouTube right," meaning that he fully understands the stripped down, guerrilla nature of the platform.

"The appeal lies 100 percent in Jack Black's persona and personality, which are strong enough to carry the weight," says the writer. "This is in stark contrast to Will Smith, who absolutely has a crew helping him plan and edit glossy videos that are only possible because he's rich."

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