Italian Mayors Yell at Residents to Stay Home in Viral Video Mashup

Watch this compilation of Italian mayors screaming at those disobeying the quarantine.

Italy has been on a nationwide lockdown since Mar. 10. Given how severe the impact of the coronavirus has been on the country, it's become especially imperative for everyone to observe the quarantine. But some people are still irresponsibly flouting the rules, and Italian mayors just can't take it anymore. On Mar. 21, Twitter user @protecttheflames posted a video compilation of "Italian mayors and regional presidents losing it at people violating quarantine" with English subtitles. (Note: There is some profanity in the video below.)

It already has more than 50,000 retweets and—while the quarantine is no laughing matter—the video is putting smiles on people's faces because of the way these politicians are expressing themselves.

"I'm getting news that some of you would like to throw graduation parties," Vincenzo De Luca, the president of Campania, coolly says. "We will send over the police. With flamethrowers."

Other politicians are captured scolding residents for playing ping pong, trying to see their girlfriends, and using their dogs as an excuse to go for an elongated stroll. It's hard not to chuckle when Antonio Tutolo, the mayor of Lucera—wearing a face mask and surgical gloves—yells, "Getting in mobile hairdressers? What the f*** is that for?! Who the f*** is supposed to even see you?!"

After the video went viral and inspired a lot of laughs, @protecttheflames posted an updated version in which Giuseppe Falcomatà, the mayor of Reggio Calabria, delivers this epic burn: "I saw a fellow citizen amiably jog up and down the street accompanied by a dog that was visibly worn out. I stopped and told him, 'Look, this isn't a movie. You are not Will Smith in I Am Legend."

Many Americans on Twitter commented that U.S. leaders were just one week shy of getting to this stage of political informality, as some—like New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo—have been expressing an increasing amount of frustration at people not practicing social distancing and choosing to engage in contact activities instead.

Some noted that the video also provided some excellent gif material to send to those refusing to stay home amid the crisis.

It also goes without saying that all of these leaders are absolute heroes.


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