The "Invisible Challenge" Is the Internet's Latest Dog Craze

Cellophane is not something pups understand.

Every few weeks, it seems that the internet comes up with new ways to tease dogs for the sake of everyone's amusement. There was the "what the fluff" challenge, in which people held up a blanket and watched their dogs panic after they disappeared. Then there was the "snoot" challenge, which involved making a circle with your hands and seeing if it would cajole your dog into shoving his snout into the space. Then came the "dog cheese" challenge, which consisted of tossing a single slice of cheese on your dog's back and filming their attempt to eat it.

Now, the latest craze to sweep the web is the "invisible challenge," which basically involves covering a doorway in clear plastic wrap, jumping over it, and then recording your dog's struggle to understand why they can't seem to get through to the other side in spite of the absence of any visible blockage.

These dogs are seriously confused.

To use one such popular slang term, these pups are being "heckin' bamboozled."

Now, to be fair, the canines do typically figure out how to get through the cellophane eventually.

And a lot of the dogs do seem to be having fun with it. After all, for pups, any interaction with you counts as playtime, and it might even be mentally stimulating for them to figure out this trick.

Is it the best way for you and your pooch to spend quality time together? Probably not. But it's certainly worth a few laughs. And for more adorable doggies, check out 21 Adorable Photos of Puppies Vanquishing Very Evil Foes.

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